Jesse Gathewright is the founder of Financial Destiny Inc., a non-profit agency devoted to increasing the financial skills of individuals and families, and purposed to decrease the financial stress that can lead to sub-prime living. Since its inception, Financial Destiny Inc. has worked, and is actively working with numerous clients and various non-profits agencies to further address the need for financial literacy and education. 

“My passion for financial literacy and education came from my very personal experience of filing bankruptcy in my early twenties. My reason for filing stemmed from a number of incidences, which includednot just job loss, but a lack of financial education and poor planning. Without financial education, we cannot fully operate effectively in society. I personally have seen and felt the ramifications in my own life of not having financial education and choose to hand down a different legacy to the next generation that will directly impact their lives.”

- J. Gathewright

Jesse Gathewright

Financial Education Advocate & Keynote

Jesse is devoted to creating awareness about the need for financial education and addressing the crisis of financial illiteracy in today’sworld.  A certified credit counselor, Jesse not only educates individuals on financial matters, but works with them to review their credit history and prepares an action plan targeted to repair, correct, and rebuild their credit history.  Jesse has had the opportunity to facilitate a financial literacy program entitled, Money Boot Camp, to the StepUp Greensboro Program, a nonprofit organization empowering disadvantaged adults and children in Guilford County, North Carolina.


Jesse, along with his wife Lisa, established a Financial Freedom Ministry at their local church which has educated both individuals and familiesover the last twenty years. Today, this ministry has grown to comprise a Business, Career Development, Community Information Link area, and most recently Young Christian Millionaires (YCM), a ministry specificallydesigned for educating youth in the area of finances and preparing for college. Jesse Gathewright has certifications in credit counseling, pre-bankruptcy andstudent loan counseling, along with various certifications from the insurance industry.  He is a member of the NFEC’s Personal Finance Speakers Associationand theNational Association of Certified Credit Counselors (NACCC).